WebRTC Solutions

We Develop Scalable Real-Time Audio Video WebRTC Based Communication Solutions that will redefine the way you interact

Delivering Multi-site Multi-vendor Projects with Mixed Teams
WebRTC and Blackdot Infotech
Rich Powerful Secure Peer-to-Peer Communication to Web and Mobile

A leader in WebRTC technologies, Blackdot Infotech has experience in creating rich scalable and flexible web and mobile apps using open-source WebRTC standards as well as tools like TokBox. Through WebRTC we can bring interaction features like Audio-Video communication, Real Time Text Chatting, Screen Sharing, and even simple Data Exchange to complicated enterprise level solutions or stand alone applications designed for your needs.


WebRTC Development Services

Bringing seamless communication to all devices

P2P Video Calls

Peer-to-peer video and audio calls for both mobile and web clients

Mobile App Integration

Bring the full power of WebRTC communication to your Mobile App

Delivering Multi-site Multi-vendor Projects with Mixed Teams
Live video streaming

Live audio and video streaming to mobile and web devices

Tracking and Recording

Record and Track all audio, video, or text conversations through WebRTC.