Automated and Manual Graphical User Interface Testing Services



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What is User Interface Testing?
Why does your web or mobile app need it?

Graphical User Interface testing, as the name suggests, is a set of services designed specifically to test the functionality, performance, and effectiveness of User Interface. In easy terms, we check if your menus, forms, graphical elements, buttons, etc. work and perform smoothly on all devices and platforms.

The GUI of the app is what is ultimately presented to the user and any error in its functioning may have serious consequences. We here at Blackdot Infotech help you in making sure that your User Experience is awesome on every device and in every condition.

Our Core Automation UI/UX Testing

Automated scripts and tools to test User Interface

We develop automated coded UI tests to verify the functionality of interface and test its performance under different conditions. Our process starts with designing and developing a complete automated test scheduling, running, and analyzing solutions using different types of tools and technology sets. The next step is to develop and schedule coded UI tests.

We are experts in all automation testing tools and environments including Selenium, JasperJS, Maven, Jenkins, MS Coded UI, etc.

Functional automated UI testing.

Integration automated UI testing

Developing complete automated testing environment.

Developing and scheduling automated test jobs.

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