Salesforce Community Cloud™ Services

We develop innovative, mobile ready, and engaging Community Portals using Salesforce Community Cloud™ Platform.

Delivering Multi-site Multi-vendor Projects with Mixed Teams
Connect thousands of customers, employees, and partners to a single collaborative ecosystem.

Salesforce Communities is a product that can be leveraged to connect thousands of customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders, without investing in expensive individual licence.

We can help you accelerate channel sales, provide easy information sharing between employees and partners, or give a better and more proactive customer service to your end-customers, all through custom solutions developed upon Salesforce Communities.

Visualforce and Based Custom Salesforce® Community Portal

The true power of Salesforce Community Cloud™ can only be realized when it is coupled with Visualforce pages and based websites. In addition to above mentioned features, our custom Salesforce Community Cloud™ and Visualforce based communities have following features

Custom UI/UX with Branding

We develop a seamless portal that matches your brand UX/UI and give an ambient user experience

Multilingual Websites

We make your portals truly global with multi-language support and location specific features.

Lightning Components

We are experts in using lightning components for Visualforce pages to drastically reduce time-to-market.

Cloud Strategy Services