Sales Force1

We design, develop and deploy future-ready mobile application for Saleforce1 platform.

Why Salesforce1™

Your Salesforce needs to be Salesforce1™ ready Salesforce1™ is an innovative mobile application platform by, aimed at bringing the excellence of Salesforce to mobile devices. The platform was introduced solely to allow businesses and their customers access Salesforce® data from anywhere and anytime through easy-to-use mobile device based interface. Here are two most important reasons why you need to be on Salesforce1™:

On Hand Actionable Insight

Get business inside from Salesforce data anytime, anywhere.

Business Actions on Mobile

Bring your business workflows to your mobile device.

Cloud Strategy Services

Our services

Reliability, Creativity, Customer Satisfaction and Fast turnaround times are hallmarks of our service. But they are not the only reasons why our customers love us

End-to-end Salesforce® Consulting

We provide end-to-end holistic Cloud consulting, with expertise in everything related to Salesforce.

Integration with Anything

We have expertise in integrating Salesforce® and Salesforce1™ platforms with all types of data source and services.

Delivering Multi-site Multi-vendor Projects with Mixed Teams
Expertise in everything cloud

We are one of the few companies with the expertise in every major cloud platform.

Salesforce™ Lightning Expertise

We shorten time-to-market times by expertly using Lightning components in Salesforce1™ app.